Getting Your Car Fixed On The Go

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Answers For 2 Common Car Window Tint Questions

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Having your car windows tinted can help reduce the sun’s glare, heat and fading caused by UV rays in your car’s interior. This article will look at common concerns you may be having about your car window tint to help you take better care of it and hopefully prolong its lifespan.  What is the proper way to clean car window tint? Just because your car windows are tinted doesn’t mean you should stop cleaning them. Read More»

3 Changes To Make Before Selling A Car

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After you make the decision to sell your car, you want to do everything possible to get the right price for it. Although it might seem counterintuitive to put more money into your car when you’re trying to sell it, making certain repairs can actually increase the price tag for your car. Before selling your car, here are some repairs you should consider making.  Windshield Your car’s windshield is most likely the first item that a potential buyer notices. Read More»