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Windshield Repair: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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Thanks to the durability of high quality auto glass, most drivers will have little or no experience with the task of repairing their vehicle's windshield. While the low frequency of these repairs is certainly a good thing, it can also leave you with a long list of questions when the time does come to have these repairs completed. Thankfully, below you can find the answers to many of the most frequently asked questions regarding windshield repairs.

Question 1: How Can You Determine If Your Windshield Can Be Repaired Or Needs To Be Replaced?

Answer: Minor damage to your windshield can often be repaired without the need to replace the entire piece of glass. However, more severe damage will require a windshield replacement in order to ensure the integrity of the glass is not compromised. In most cases, if the damage to your windshield is more than a couple of inches long, this damage will be considered severe and will warrant a replacement. However, this is a determination that should always be made by a qualified professional.

Question 2: Will Windshield Repairs Leave A Visible Mark?

Answer: Even a high quality windshield repair will appear different than it did before your windshield became damaged. Typically, the visibility of these repairs will be minimal and will not have an impact on your ability to drive the vehicle. However, this may not be the case if the damaged part of your windshield is in your direct line of sight.

Question 3: How Long Must You Wait Before Driving After Having Your Windshield Repaired?

Answer: The answer to this question will depend greatly upon whether the glass company was able to repair your existing windshield or was forced to install a new one. In most cases, if your windshield was able to be repaired, you will be able to resume driving with a few minutes of the repair being completed. However, if your windshield needed to be replaced, you may need to allow several hours to pass in order to ensure the sealant surrounding your new window was able to dry completely.

Question 4: Do You Need To File An Insurance Claim Before Having Your Windshield Repaired?

Answer: If you are planning to use your insurance coverage to pay for the cost of your windshield repairs, you may be concerned about the need to file a claim before having the repairs completed. However, auto glass repairs typically fall into the category of emergency repairs. Since a failure to perform these repairs quickly could result in additional damage to your vehicle, there will be no need to file a claim before having the repairs completed. Instead, simply provide the auto glass company with your policy information and they will take care of filing a claim on your behalf.

In Conclusion

If this is your first time having your windshield repaired, you may find that you have many questions regarding the repair process. If you were unable to find the answers to any of these questions above, consulting a reputable auto glass company, such as Performance Auto Glass, in your local area will allow you to get the answers that you need.